Here are a few photography related tutorials from my YouTube Channel, there is always the change of I forget to add them here, so feel free to check if there are any new ones on my Channel.


Panoramic Photography No Parallax - Find the Nodal Point - Panorama From Shoot to Edit in Lightroom

Basic things you need to know to shoot amazing Panorama photos, from shoot to edit.

Ever had problems with stitching your Panorama images together? You might be having a "Parallax" problem, which you can fix by moving your rotation point from the camera to the Nodal Point on your lens.


High Dynamic Range - HDR When to use it and How

HDR, what is HDR? Is it an effect or is it a highly effective tool for landscape photography?

Today I describe the technical terms Dynamic Range and High Dynamic Range (HDR) and when it´s a must in my landscape photography. I will also tell you some extra info on histogram, aperture, f-stop, shutter speed and ISO.

Don´t make the common mistake of mixing HDR and bad post processing. HDR is not an effect on photos, HDR is used when your subject has both dark shadows and bright highlights and you´re going to use exposure stacking to induce all the depth that the human eyes sees and experiences in reality.


How to use Filters in Landscape Photography

I use NiSi Flters a lot in my Landscape Photography... in this video I explain why and how I use Filters.