Welcome! I´m Oli H, professional photographer. I´m based in Iceland, but I travel the world on work related business. The majority of my work over the past few years has been Landscape and Travel Photography. I also do quite a lot of weddings both for Icelandic couples and other people who choose Icelandic Landscapes as their foreground. Majority of my work is for editorial and advertising work. I am an experienced Photography guide, I’ve guided Photo Tours in Iceland and lead similar tours in other countries around the world with great success. Recently I started a YouTube channel where I share my knowledge on Photography through weekly episodes as well as other interesting Travel related stuff, you can check my channel out here!
I´m available for hire if you need a true professional, whether it´s for Photography or videography.


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This weeks video is a bit different. It´s about an important project in Vietnam which my friend and photographer Nguyen Vu Phuoc asked me to participate in. Phuoc is not only a great travel photographer, but a fearless documentarian as well, covering controversial topics such as the tragic ongoing effects of Agent Orange, and acid maiming.
I am a Northman, from Iceland. The need to tell stories is in my blood. Iceland has a long tradition in storytelling, some of our old writings are masterpieces and great documents on how life was here on this small island in the North. Our storytelling, writings and literature became soon world known.
Are you aware of your photos composition when shooting or are you shooting random? Why is composition important? If you lack composition skills your photography will get inconsistent: You might get great photos once in a while but mostly your'e getting snapshots... and you don't know why.
Are you interested in Real Estate Photography? Have you been asked to take on Real Estate projects? Or are you selling your property and need good photos to showcase your house? I made a video while I was selling my house. I not only wanted to show the house but also the possibilities it has for new owners.

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