Welcome! I´m Oli H, professional photographer. I´m based in Iceland, but I travel the world on work related business. The majority of my work over the past few years has been Landscape and Travel Photography. I also do quite a lot of weddings both for Icelandic couples and other people who choose Icelandic Landscapes as their foreground. Majority of my work is for editorial and advertising work. I am an experienced Photography guide, I’ve guided Photo Tours in Iceland and lead similar tours in other countries around the world with great success. Recently I started a YouTube channel where I share my knowledge on Photography through weekly episodes as well as other interesting Travel related stuff, you can check my channel out here!
I´m available for hire if you need a true professional, whether it´s for Photography or videography.


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Northern Lights & Ice Caves are the most popular things in Landscape Photography in Iceland at the moment. In this video I cover Ice Caves from A to Z: I´ll show you how to get there and how to catch amazing photos in and of the Ice Cave ...with a slight twist of some other strange but still highly related intriguing stuff.

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In September I am leading a Travel Photo Tour to Vietnam, with Nguyen Vu Phuoc, my partner in Vietnam. Travel Photo Workshop where we will travel from South to North Vietnam in 15 days. Living, breathing and consuming the culture, cuisine, traditions as well as capturing amazing shots.

Post processing does it matter in Landscapes? How much editing is too much? When are you simply retouching and when are you beeing creative ? Are composites a norm with Landcape Photographers? If you create a photograph from 2 or more photographs...

Should Photo Editing be kept to a minimum and should everything be considered Documentation? Is there room for your vision, feeling and artistic interpretation? Is everything fair game or is there a line in editing you should not cross? Who decides?