Canadian Rockies Winter Adventure Photo Workshop

The Canadian Rockies are a wild and rugged landscape that can be explored year-round. However, winter photography in the Rockies offers a unique opportunity to shoot in locations that would otherwise be inaccessible the rest of the year. Join us as we photograph the underside of frozen waterfalls, descend into ice filled canyons, and walk on frozen lakes filled with jagged cracks and layers of methane bubbles. And don’t worry, you can still find some open water in the area, even on the coldest days in January. These special locations allow us to capture the reflections of some of the most beautiful mountains during sunset and sunrise.

Methane Bubbles on Lake Abraham

Methane Bubbles on Lake Abraham

Methane Bubbles

Methane bubbles form in water when dead organic matter (leaves and animals)rottens in the water. The bacteria munches on the matter and produces methane, which turns to white floating bubbles when it comes into contact with frozen water. These Bubbles make a wonderful foreground with the amazing Rockies in the Background.


why do this tour & who is it for?

This Tour is for all photographers, every level from beginner to Advanced. If you’r interested in people culture and getting amazing photos this it for you! This is a very Spouse friendly Tour, there are always plenty of options for your spouse while you shoot, no need to use him/her as a Tripod stand :-)

Why do this tour rather than doing it on your own? I am a seasoned traveller and very able to take care of me and approach people myself, BUT… to be able to do tour like this on my own would take me a long time and with no connections and not being able to communicate with the people properly I would miss out a lot. Travel time would double, just simple things like find something to eat in the more rural places can me a challenge. Also you will have two expert Photographers to teach you and to make sure you are getting “the frame”… USD 333 a day for All hotels, all ground travel ad expert photographers


Date and price

January 6 – February 13 2020 

Price: USD 3.000 per person (Only $333 per day), double occupancy
Early registration before May 1st 2019, USD 3.700
Single room supplement USD 550

Duration: 9 days (8 nights).
Max number of photographers: 12
– Difficulty Level: Easy – Cold temperatures may be a factor for some
– Suitable for all levels of Photographers
– Spouses are Welcome

ProfessionalPhotographers: Oli H and Melissa, Expert Local Guide