Golden Myanmar – Travel Photo Workshop

I find it difficult to describe my experience of visiting Myanmar for the first time. Being closed of from the rest of the world, it’s almost like time travel, Myanmar is a culture frozen in time. It’s a magical land of traditions, stoic sagacity of the charming people who live there, of more than 100 different ethnic origins. With warm smiles, wide open arms and doors to their humble homes, the people of Myanmar show us hospitality at its best without the slightest hint of preference for material wealth. Everywhere you go, you are genuinely welcomed by a friendly hand and interesting conversations.

The country has thousands of exquisite sacred stupas and temples which decorate the mysterious landscape of rivers and forest filled round plains. Myanmar is a true treasure chest for passionate travel photographers who dream of displaying ancient history merging with pure and enticing natural wonders and beautiful landscapes.

I emphasize that we travel in entirely safe environments, far away from any turbulent situation mentioned in world news.



A developing opportunity to be seized

Now is the time to capture this well kept secret. Only a few years ago, Myanmar was completely frozen in time and untouched by technology from the Western societies. This is now slowly changing as the borders have been opened, no one knows how long the country will keep it´s specialties . Precious traditions and unique customs are widely seen, they have been proudly cherished and worn however with increased exposure to the western world, one can already sense a slight modernization and change in the bigger cities. This tour offers you the life changing chance to witness, feel and capture this immeasurable culture and society which is likely to change and develop quickly – this is an opportunity that might be missed forever. For a Detailed itinerary and registration click here.

Fisherman in Mandalay

Fisherman in Mandalay


We start the tour in Yangoon, from where we proceed to many of the main locations like Lake Inle, Mandalay, Bagan, but also to more remote locations where we visit some of the mysterious tribes living off the beaten track. With expert local guides with great connections to the tribes we are permitted to visit and photograph the way of living in the rural parts of the country.

Old woman from the Kayaw Tribe

Old woman from the Kayaw Tribe

why choose my tour & who is it for?

This Tour is for all level photographers, from Beginner to Advanced. If you are interested in people, culture and getting amazing photos this tour is for you! A unique opportunity also as a Spouse friendly Tour. Plenty of options and interesting things to see for your spouse or friend while you shoot.

Why should you choose to travel with me rather than doing a similar tour on your own? Well, I am a seasoned traveler and used to arranging photo tours and approach people myself, BUT with out expert guides and their local connections it´s impossible to recreate this tour. Also with you are 2 expert Photographers to assist you, teach you and to make sure you have “the frame”. Price pr. day for this tour is USD 333, included: accommodation, breakfast, all ground travel, domestic flights, expert photographers, guide, drivers, water in the bus. Not included other meals, food in Myanmar is very inexpensive.

Novice Monk

Novice Monk

Date and price

November 24 – December 5, 2019 

Price: USD 3.990 per person (Only $333 per day), double occupancy
Single room supplement USD 550

Duration: 12 days (11 nights).
Max number of photographers: 8
– Difficulty Level: Easy
– Suitable for all levels of Photographers
– Spouses are Welcome

Professional Photographers: Oli H and Moe