Every place I visit has it’s distinguished culture, people and Landscape, making it hard to pick a favorite one to visit and shoot. Each location, each country is unique. However as a Travel Photographer, Southeast Asia is by far my favorite! Within the continent Vietnam is one of the best locations there. Vietnam is more than a Travel Photography Tour, we shoot a bit of everything; landscapes, street photography, model shoots, architecture. Anything and everything! My local friend and contact Nguyen Vu Phuoc is probably Vietnam’s premier all around photographer. His photography skills are amazing, he has superb understanding of light and is well connected with the people of Vietnam. His peoples skills are magical everywhere we traveled he saw something amazing, approached the people and asked for permission to shoot them while working… this kind of interaction with local people is priceless and thanks to him I brought back some of my best photos.


This 15 day Tour starts in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), we travel south to Mekong Delta, then all the way north, almost to the border of China and the Journey ends in Hanoi, the Capital of Vietnam. We´ll travel the country from one end to the other, with an emphasize on the real Vietnam, the less traveled parts of it and get to know the real life of the Vietnam people in the rural parts. For a Detailed itinerary and registration click here. As you might have noticed unique about my tour is we skip the busiest tourists spots like Ha Long Bay, because the alternatives are so much better and more real, as well as not crowded with tourists. We do visit Hoi An, which is also a very busy place and has lots of tourists but it´s to important we can´t skip it, it’s just that special.

Arranged Model Shoots with beautiful ‘Aodai’ ladies

Arranged Model Shoots with beautiful ‘Aodai’ ladies

Beautiful couple in Hoi An

Beautiful couple in Hoi An

why join my tour & who is it for?

This Tour is for all level photographers, from beginner to Advanced. If you are interested in people, culture and getting amazing photos this tour is for you! Note it´s also very Spouse friendly Tour, no one gets bored! There are always plenty of options and interesting things for your spouse/friend to do and explore in our vicinity, while you shoot.

Why choose this tour? Could you travel this route on your own? I am a seasoned traveler and I´m used to take care of myself and arrange photo tours, BUT to arrange and be able to do a tour as extensive as this one on my own is impossible. My local connections are the best, they make this tour a unique tour and I´m not afraid to say you won´t find another that matches my tour. With 2 expert Photographers to assist you and teach you, to make sure you have “the frame” The price pr. day is USD 396 all inclusive: accommodation, all ground travel, domestic flights, expert photographers, guide, drivers, water in the bus, model fees etc.

Imperial City, Hue

Imperial City, Hue

Date and price

September 4 – 18, 2019 

Price: USD 5.950 per person (Only $396 per day), double occupancy
Single room supplement USD 900

Duration: 15 days (14 nights).
Max number of photographers: 10
– Difficulty Level: Easy
– Suitable for all levels of Photographers
– Spouses are Welcome

Professional Photographers: Oli H and Nguyen Vu Phuoc



I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel, experience new things and of course Photograph what I see. Often I see people less fortunate then myself, people that work hard to survive. In some of those less fortunate places if you don’t work, you don’t eat! So what about those who can not work?


The very best thing about my travels are not the photos I take, but the people I meet. I’ve met some of the most generous and kind people in those less fortunate places. These people I now call my friends, one of them is Thanh Nhàn a 25 year old woman I originally hired in Vietnam to do modeling for me. She is a very talented young woman, who both looks and sings like an angel. She spends all her extra time, and the little money she can save up by working in a restaurant, with disabled people. She devotes herself to people who have a hard time working and difficulties with care of themselves. She opened a business called Lavin Home where she teaches deaf people to make paper flowers which they then sell in her store and with the money she earns selling those flowers she pays them wages, and enables them to earn a decent living. She also teaches Sign language and on the weekends she travels to visit people with Glass Bones (osteogenesis imperfecta), because they can not travel themselves. Than Nhan is not profiting from her business, quite the contrary, this is a difficult business to run for a 25 year old woman with little or no experience in running a business or employing people. Even so, she has run the Lavin Home since 2015.

In co-operation with my travel agency En Route Phototours I want to help Than Nhan and Lavin Home. We are donating USD 100 of every sold seat on the Vietnam Photo Tour to Lavin Home. We are also collecting contributions, if anyone wants to donate to the cause. For further details contact