Welcome! I´m Oli H, professional photographer. I´m based in Iceland, but I travel the world on work related business. The majority of my work over the past few years has been Landscape and Travel Photography. I also do quite a lot of weddings both for Icelandic couples and other people who choose Icelandic Landscapes as their foreground. Majority of my work is for editorial and advertising work. I am an experienced Photography guide, I’ve guided Photo Tours in Iceland and lead similar tours in other countries around the world with great success. Recently I started a YouTube channel where I share my knowledge on Photography through weekly episodes as well as other interesting Travel related stuff, you can check my channel out here!
I´m available for hire if you need a true professional, whether it´s for Photography or videography.


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New YouTube Video every Thursday 

Does Inspiration Matters in Photograph or other creative fields? Is it necessary for you to make great thing happen? In this Video I give my 2 cents on the matter... and also I tell you how I approach my Travel Photography, and at the same time I Introduce to you an amazing town In Vietnam called Duong Lam.
Using Social Media to get work in the Photography field is something I'm trying to take advantage of more and more. Originally being a bit late in the game I'm not seeing the same growth as was possible a few years ago, but I think it's necessary for my line of work to be on as many platforms I can.
Often I see people confuse In Focus and Sharp... it is actually not the same! But If you want your photos in Focus AND Sharp... you have to understand what Diffraction is. Website: http://www.olihphotography.com/ https://www.enroute.is/ Email.
I shoot a lot of photos during my travels and for my photography business. My workload is heavy and my archives are constantly growing. I get a lot of keepers but some of the photos I shoot are worthless.