Make Better Photos

“You don't take a Photograph, you make it”

This is a quote from Ansel Adams, I'm just repeating it to sound well read, but it makes perfect sense,  there is so much more to making a Photo than just shooting.

First of all, what are you shooting, what’s our focal point? Surprisingly often when I ask this question… the answer is very vague, but it needs to be clear because this is the base, it is ground zero! Everything you do you build on top of that. When you have established what it is you want to shoot, you can start to look around and start making your image.

Instead of thinking too much about composition rules think about balance. Use your “mental scale” to look at your composition and decide if it is in balance. If it´s heavier to one side, right/left, bottom? And then how you can adjust it. Another thing is how can you use your environment to back up your subject, for example what can you use as leading lines, or whatever else you have in each individual case.

Are there any distractions, is something constantly taking the viewers eye from the subject? It is very important to deal with those, and check the edges of the photo. Don’t just count on you can deal with everything in post, because if the photo is weak, post will not make it strong.

In this video I'm going to show you how I went about when I made this photo... from the idea in my mind to the final piece delivered.